The Secret to a Perfect Gravy

March 23, 2021

It’s gratifying when our customers express how much they enjoy the incredible food that our talented chefs create.

One of the menu items complimented most frequently is the signature Let’s Cook gravy, with its superb texture and fantastic flavour. 

Though it can be difficult to improve upon perfection, our chefs seem to have accomplished this – with a recent slight revision that is already the subject of new compliments! It’s been said lately that for developing and further refining this outstanding gravy, our chefs “deserve a standing ovation!”   

What goes into making a gravy truly great? Our Executive Chef, Dmitri Aronov, explains that “when cooking turkey, a roast, or any meat for that matter, drippings are formed,” and his team of chefs combine these flavour-filled pan drippings with house-produced broth to yield a smooth and succulent gravy.

As Chef Dmitri elaborates, flavourful stocks form the foundation for most of the sauces that chefs prepare. “As chefs we need to understand this thoroughly,” he says, describing how the process of building upon these base stocks involves adding layers of flavour, until an excellent final product is attained.  “This is the foundation for all gravies,” Chef Dmitri observes further, “if not the basis of all cuisine, in fact.” 

“Yes, the base is key for all food,” agrees our Executive Sous Chef, Derek Flohr, who emphasizes that starting with a superior product is essential for accomplishing an optimal result.  He goes on to describe how an elegant range of sauces can be created by developing the sauce from its base, to create our chefs’ special house-made White Gravy, Peppercorn Sauce, and other savoury variations. 

Both chefs emphasize the importance of freshness and quality. As Chef Derek outlines, “We start right from the protein itself. We purchase only AAA Alberta beef, and trim and season the roasts ourselves. We then roast those trimmings,  to add depth of flavour and colour to our broth. Next, we simmer that trim with aromatics for hours, to produce an intensely flavourful broth.”  

Chef Dmitri concurs. “That’s why our gravy is excellent,” he points out, “because we make it completely from scratch.” 

Achieving a flawless gravy requires skill, dedication, and patience.  “To make gravy properly, as we do,” Chef Dmitri concludes, “is an 18-hour process. We take pride in taking the time to do it properly, to achieve the best result. That has always been our philosophy.”

Written by Cathy, Let’s Cook Content Manager

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