Au Jus

April 20, 2021

An excellent sauce to serve alongside meat – and also perfect as a sauce for dipping

Last month, we explored some expert tips from two of our wonderful chefs, who shared their insights on what goes into producing an extraordinary gravy. Another form of sauce is au jus (pronounced in English as oh-ZHOO, with the “zh” sounding like the “s” in “occasion.”)  

How is au jus distinct from gravy, and what goes into producing an excellent au jus? The French culinary term for “with juice,” au jus is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as meaning “of meat: served in the juice obtained from roasting.” Thinner than gravy, au jus makes a splendid accompaniment to roasted meat. Our Executive Sous Chef, Derek Flohr, explains that au jus is similar to gravy, in that both sauces rely on pan drippings as well as broth for their flavour. “With au jus,” he adds, “you start with a quality base, in this case a broth, and build from there.”

“Traditional au jus,” Chef Derek informs, “ is made from a bone stock with a sachet of aromatics, and thickened with either arrowroot or cornstarch instead of a flour roux such as that used in gravy. We start our beef au jus with broth and drippings, and add different aromatics, depending on the type of jus being produced.”

Chef Derek notes that, as with gravy, which also depends upon a top-quality and flavourful base, a variety of jus can be produced. Examples are our house-made Sage Jus, which is produced from a turkey bone stock, and is an excellent accompaniment to roasted turkey – and our Orange Jus, which is produced from a pork broth, and complements a dish like roasted porchetta supremely well. Both of these sauces appear in the Let’s Cook menu, in addition to our chefs’ delicious beef jus which complements roast beef superbly.

Amid the breezy days of spring, you might want to enjoy a warm and flavourful Let’s Cook meal kit that is complemented by au jus, created with our chefs’ proficiency and dedication to the highest standards of quality – from our kitchen, to your door!

Written by Cathy, Let’s Cook Content Manager

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